The girl was so excited when her foster mom told her “Today’s your day.” Her reaction will make your day


People who were adopted as infants or who were born into families and grew up there will never understand how difficult it is to realize that they do not have a permanent home.

When you consider it, you experience a sense of warmth and security. We want to share this touching moment with you because it shows Shailee who has finally found her forever family and home.

Her reaction in the video below demonstrates that for her, it was already something unreal.

She has spent so much time with the foster family that they have made the decision to legally adopt her and make her a permanent member of their family.

Shailee’s parents wanted that day to be memorable. Because she recognized how special it was for Shailee, her mother recorded her reaction.

She was unable to contain her tears, and neither she nor her brother was aware of it. It was a typical day for them to be returning home from school, but in reality, it was the most significant day of her life.

In the video below, you can watch her continuation and her happy feelings; we are sure it will warm your heart. I sincerely appreciate your reading. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this.