The doggie is stunned that his daddy found him at last after 200 days


The heartfelt meeting between Blue’s father and his beloved friend is so uplifting since he never imagined seeing them again.

According to the Washington County Animal Sanctuary, a stray doggie by the name of Blue had arrived to a person’s house in early April looking for a safe place to rest.

An animal control officer scooped up the pit bull mix and brought it back to the shelter.

Blue had been living on the streets for an undetermined period of time, yet he seemed to get along with everyone he encountered.

He was a cheerful dog, according to Tammy Davis, executive director of the shelter, who spoke to The Dodo.

He was initially a little wary and didn’t like being around so many other animals, but he was quite amiable with humans and the employees.

Due of the COVID-19 epidemic, the sanctuary had to seal its doors to the general public and only let visits by appointment.

Due to the decreased foot traffic, Blue sat in his kennel for months, which ended up being a blessing in disguise.

What a gift for his dad, who never lost faith in his ability to locate him and was ultimately reconciled with his loyal friend.

To introduce Blue to potential adopters, the shelter created a video and posted it on Facebook; intriguingly, one of the comments said, “That’s my dog,” so the only thing left to accomplish was determine if the man was speaking the truth.

Tammy went on. “The owner acknowledged that he had pictures of his dog when we initially contacted him, saying, “Yes. He showed us pictures of Blue playing with his beloved toy, a blue ball, at his home.

He was crazy. Since it had been a while since they had last seen one other, the man was overjoyed to travel more than 1,200 miles to get his pet.

It was obvious that the doggie and the person had a bond, the lady continues.

Blue was startled for a while and mused aloud, “Am I seeing things?” Then, there was nothing but kissing.

Such a conclusion would be wonderful for all creatures.