The children’s room is to blame for an Australian family’s inability to sell their home since everyone will become uneasy there


The property has been occupied for 57 years by an Australian family, who just decided to sell it.

However, they are unable to locate any potential purchasers.

The design concept was flawed, which is the main issue.

Of course, the purchasers like the large home’s roomy layout and the lush landscape, and everything was well up to the kids’ room.

The room formerly had a door, but someone chose to board it up and cover it with wallpaper that featured a picture of a little child peeping into the space.

All of it appeared so natural that customers simply left with the transaction.

Many inquiries arose at once, including: what was that door, and why was it boarded up?

The broker acknowledged that the price had already been reduced by the owners.

A buyer would soon be found, and it was probable that the home would be demolished and replaced with a larger structure.

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