The baby elephant, who had been rejected by his herd, found solace in a former service dog


Elephants are known for their high intelligence, which are especially distinguished by their high sociality. They just thrive in their herd.

One of our sweet heroes today is Ellie, an elephant who was rejected by her herd after birth because of her chronic illness.

Being so small, he simply had no chance to survive alone in nature, and fortunately, the kind people from the Rhino Orphanage came to his aid.

When the volunteers learned about the elephant, they saved him and brought the baby to the Zoululand sanctuary where he received special care and attention.

Although the orphanage was mainly involved in the care of rhinos, they could not leave Ellie alone and promised to do everything to provide him with proper care.

The staff managed to come up with a new milk formula for him, as it turned out he was allergic to other types of milk.For it,they used well-cookd rice,also adding minerals and proteins.

Therefore, Ellie began to flourish day by day, gaining weight and strength. He slowly recovered and everything seemed to be fine, but there was something missing. He didn’t have a friend and he started to feel lonely.

This led to certain psychological problems, because he was deprived of the opportunity to communicate with other elephants.

The staff wanted to help the poor creature, but didn’t know what to do. But the support was closer than they even imagined. Duma, the forme service dog, came to tha rescue of the sad broken elephant. He seemed to appear at the right time.

When these two met, they instantly became inseparable, creating a wonderful friendship. They were so happy together that it just melted everyone’s hearts. They played together non-stop and loved to chase each other.

Ellie felt very happy and excited to finally find solace in his new woderful friend, this wonderful dog. Thanks to Duma, the kind elephant overcame his grief and loneliness.

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