Stones are transformed by a Japanese artist into little creatures that fit in the palm of the hand


Akie, a Japanese artist, demonstrates how to create unique objects out of pebbles that have been thrown at you.

In fact, she expertly paints unattractive pebbles to make them resemble little creatures that fit in the palm of your hand.

Each stone has a tale, claims Akie. Since she was a little girl, Akie, a self-taught artist, has been gathering stones.

In 2011, she began doing stone paintings. She remembered taking a stroll down a riverbank and spotting a rock in the shape of a rabbit.

That ignited her artistic process. She responds that she needs to paint what she perceives when questioned where she finds the motivation to paint a particular animal or rock.

Each stone is molded to fit its unique, predetermined personality, In an article with My Modern Met, he stated, “For me, finishing a work of art isn’t about how many details I paint, but rather whether I sense the life in the stone.

The artwork of Akie is really realistic. Each stone has intricately painted decorations on it.

You can see from one glance how much work went into each masterpiece. Paintings of canines, crocodiles, kittens, tigers, bears,  mom and baby elephants, a family of possums, and owls are just a few examples of the animals she has painted.

She begins by painting the animal carcass, and the eyes are the last thing she finishes.

She recognizes her task as complete after the eyes have been painted. Visit her Facebook and Instagram pages to see her stone creations.

Akie Nakata, a Japanese artist, is shown here with one of her rocks converted into a little Himalayan kitten.

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