Single father makes an old double-decker bus into a comfy home-on-wheels for himself and his baby girl


Over the years, “van life” has become very common. Anyone who has ever desired a home similar to this one can easily afford to live there.

However, not everyone can live this way of life, but for this single father, it is more than just a dream. He has always been certain that he will one day live in a mobile home.

Therefore, Adam Collier, a 42-year-old British man, knew how to realize his dream.

He once observed a familiar face selling his double-decker bus. Therefore, he did not hesitate to purchase it in order to transform it into a warm and elegant living space.

It was simple for him to build a dreamy heaven for himself and his daughter because he was a carpenter and had “golden hands.”

He quickly began creating the initial details for their brand-new mobile home. His 12-year-old daughter stated that her father was always imaginative and adventurous.

He frequently thought of such imaginative thoughts and transformed them into the real world.

He was able to overcome some structural issues in the bus transformation and transform them into a living area. In total, he spent $10,000 to realize their dream and move into their new home.

Take a look at the photos—what a lovely and perfect home it has become!