See what looks like the family where twin brothers married twin sisters and they gave birth to twins too


Strange and out-of-the-ordinary celebrations are common throughout the year in the Ohio town of Twinsburg. All identical twins in the town have been invited to the festival.

Since its inception in 1976, this custom has been followed to this day. The brothers Sanders, Craig and Mark, also attended the event once, in 1998.

There were also 36 additional twin siblings who came to spend the day having fun communicating with other people. However, given that the festival would include two families simultaneously, it came as a surprise.

Darlene and Diana Nettmaye, the Nettmaye sisters, also benefited greatly from that occurrence. During the festival, these individuals became acquainted with one another and noticed one another immediately.

As later the siblings admitted, when Imprint spotted Darlene and fell head over heels for her from the get go, it worked out that in the interim, Craig enjoyed Diana. What a perfect match!

As a result, couples began communicating and dating on that day. They decided to wed on the same day after a few months.

Because they were witnessing the simultaneous marriage of two of their children, the couple’s parents in particular were overjoyed to attend the wedding.

When they gave birth to twins, twins, and more twins, it was the most beautiful moment.

In 2001, Craig and Diana became the happiest parents of identical twins Candy and Brandy. Darline and Mark also gave birth to twins later.