Mother cat, who ran into burning building for several times to save her kids, is honored


As parents, we are aware that we would do anything to safeguard our children; our desire to ensure their safety comes first.

One mother feline ventured into a destructive circumstance when she saved her cats from a consuming structure.

When firefighters were called to the Brooklyn garage fire, they saw the brave cat carrying her kittens out of the burning building one at a time.

After carrying her children to safety and returning five times to the burning building, she touched each of their noses to ensure that they were still alive.

After her heroic rescue, the cat, later dubbed Scarlett, collapsed. Firefighter David Giannelli, according to an imgur account, saw the brave cat saving her kittens.

Scarlett had suffered severe burns while rescuing her kittens from the blaze. The post continued, “Her ears and paws were burned, her coat was severely singed, and her eyes were blistered shut.”

The majority of her facial hair had been destroyed by the fire.

She was seen touching each of her kittens with her nose to make sure they were all alive after saving them, but the blisters on her eyes prevented her from seeing them, so she collapsed unconscious.

The fire was put out by firefighters in Brooklyn, and Scarlett and her children received medical attention. One of her babies unfortunately died, but the others were treated and placed in loving homes.

Her story was covered by the media all over the world, and she was even the subject of several books, like “Scarlett Saves Her Family” and “The Bravest Cat.”

Scarlett was adopted by a family in Brooklyn, and she lived 12 happy years with a lot of love until she died in 2008.

The North Shore Animal League, which cared for Scarlett and her kittens, even gave her an award to honor other brave animals.

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