Meet the sea bunnies, the unusual sea creatures that Japan Is in love with


Your first impression of “incredibly cute” when you heard the term “slug” undoubtedly isn’t “cute,” but after seeing these Jorunna parva ocean slugs, you might think otherwise.

We understand why these oddly endearing slugs have amassed a huge following on Japanese Twitter.

It’s fair to say that the sea slug have been likened to fluffy tiny rabbits.

Their skins are smooth and chubby, and they have tiny ears that resemble bunnies but are actually sensitive rhinophores that they use to discover food and partners.

As per Sora News 24, Japanese divers call the slugs “goma-chan,” which means to “cute little sesame,” out of fondness.

An adorable name for an adorable species!

But hey, there’s an initial time for just about everything. We never thought we’d feel the want to embrace a slug.

We feel that it is past due for the world at large to realize exactly how gorgeous these tiny sea rabbits are since they are perhaps too precious for words.

Each one of them is so adorable and puffy, whether they are white, yellow, or another color.

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