Meet 74-year-old Apara Honsakula, previous “Miss Universe” from Thailand who managed to stop time


Apara Honsakula, who is already 74 years old, is considered one of the most famous people in Thailand.

At the age of 18, she managed to represent her country in a very major beauty pageant, winning her first crown in the university beauty pageant.

After that, later she was able to surpass all her competitors during the fight for the title of Thailand’s first beauty queen. This victory was followed by the competition for the crown of Miss Universe.

She was simply amazing and continued to reach new heights every time without stopping.

As for the competition, everything was done with all seriousness, approaching all preparations for the competition, the participants of which would represent their country, with great responsibility.

Apara always attracted everyone’s attention, both the audience and the jury. There were no closed doors for her.

The girl did not really speak English confidently and is only 1.64m tall, but she had such a gentle manner that she did not leave anyone indifferent.

Her stunning demeanor and bright smile immediately caught everyone’s attention and became a favorite of the public. Although it was very unexpected for the girl, she managed to get the crown.

She immediately became one of the most loved and famous people of her country, which she really deserved. She also enjoyed the patronage of the royal family.

Not surprisingly, she immediately became an enviable bride, but she eventually chose the queen’s cousin as her life partner. Before her marriage, she received the honorary position of cultural ambassador in the Ministry of Tourism.

Unfortunately, their life together did not last long. They had one son, but ended up getting divorced after a few years.

She married a second time, but that marriage also did not last long, also giving her a son. These failures of personal life, however, did not affect the course of her life and her love for it.

She is still a member of the royal family, having influence in society. In addition, she owns a successful business, the Raymond Watches, and also a trendy spa in Bangkok.

She already has many grandchildren, but she still shines with her amazing figure, gorgeous hair and of course glowing skin.

She showed everyone that beauty is jus the result of our daily routine. She eats healthy food, follows her sleep schedule and never misses workouts and of course cosmetic procedures.

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