Little dog amazed everyone with his super adorable smile trying to attract the attention of adopters


We never cease to be amazed at how intelligent creatures dogs are. It seems that the animals in the shelter already know very well what different tricks they can use to immediately win the hearts of their potential adopters.

Many people start actively wagging their tails, trying to attract the attention of the people who visit them.

Some pets do so unusual things for it that it is simply impossible to pass by them indifferently. Anyway, the hero of our story is another very sweet dog, whose name is Cheech.

This 2-year-old dog, whom you see with a beautiful smile on your screens, was able to find a home using … of course his extremely charming smile.

Before coming here, Cheech was living on the streets of Texas and was immediately taken to a local shelter when volunteers met him.

Over the days, the staff of the center noticed that every time someone approached this sweet dog’s cage, he started to make a strange facial expression.

“When I first saw that “smile” of his, I was just shocked and immediately called my colleagues to come and look.

At first it seemed to the volunteers that Cheech was just growling like that, but in fact at that moment he was much friendlier than ever.

Everyone was simply amazed by that glorious trick of his. He spared no effort to attract attention.

They decided to take some photos to post them on the official website of the shelter. Of course they went viral within minutes.

People couldn’t stop sending warm comments after seeing the adorable smile of the pet. Many of them even wrote to the page to take him home.

There were so many offers that they should try to choose the most suitable one for the sweet doggie. Therefore, after discussion, the volunteers chose a new perfect family for Cheech.

It turned out that his new owner was a woman named Carrie, one of whose dogs had died just the day before. It was very difficult for her to bear such a heavy loss.

When Carrie first saw Cheech, she was sure she had to take him home. We are so glad that his unusual act really helped him find a new home.

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