Kind hearted boy gives up his dream shoes to buy boots for a poor classmate and is then praised


On the school bus that transported him home, David always chose a windowseat.

While per usual, he would throw open the window and let the afternoon breeze caress his face as he remembered every detail of thegame he had played that day.

One of his students had exclaimed, “What you accomplished on the field today was fantastic!” “Guys, I believe we have a player of national caliber with us.

Another player yelled at David, clapping him on the back probably a bit too vigorously, “Get the signatures while you can! His greatest aspiration was to represent his nation and emulate the great soccer players.

As he and his team lifted up the golden champions league trophy and grinned for the cameras, David could almost taste the amazing air of success and pride.

David was continually practicing what he would say to the media at the conclusion of thegame. How he overcame his lowly beginnings. And how his mother was responsible for everything he had achieved.

“Pardon, may I take a seat here?”

David was lost in his thoughts and failed to notice that a fellow student had requested a seat next to him.
The young man picked up his rucksack, sat down next to David, and started to tell him about his dream.

“I want to play football at the highest level in myschool. similar to David I cannot believe I am seated next to him.’
David had a devoted following, and the young man never missed an occasion to watch him play.

He believed David to be all he had ever dreamed. He aspired to play like David, be as popular as him, and even put on David’s expensive soccer shoes.

The child thought to himself as he tucked his feet under the seat, “These worn-out old shoes should do the trick… for now.”

Due to his natural shyness, Guillermo had trouble making friends. The young youngster finally had the confidence to come to his hero. Hello David! It’s me, Guillermo.

I love you so much! “Oh? Dear Guillermo: Thanks.” When David started daydreaming once more, there was an awkward pause. I truly like your sneakers, Guillermo exclaimed.

It was the initial thought that entered his head. “These? The bottoms have already begun to come off because they are so ancient. I’m receiving some new shoes, you should see them.

When David imagined the ideal pair of boots he had been saving up for, his eyes began to shine. As he slid his feet under the seat, Guillermo exclaimed, “Tell me further about them!

David wouldn’t want to see how unattractive and worn out his own boots were. Well, they’re excellent! They have unparalleled traction and are neon orange.

David had already been saving money for the pair of sneakers he desired for seven months. The 12-year-old wanted to purchase something like that for himself for the very first time.

He also wanted to avoid burdening his mom in the process. Because he is aware of his mom’s laborious efforts to support him and his 2 younger twin sisters. “Mom, you don’t need to help.

You need to put money aside to arrange a party because Tracy and Katie’s birthdays are coming up soon, remember?

David had amassed sufficient funds. And he accomplished it by selling lemonade during the previous holiday and delivering a little newspaper each morning.

That is, until the moment his piggy bank was overflowing and he had enough money to buy the boots of his desires and bring them home.

On the journey home by bus from school that same day, he and Guillermo were unable to quit speaking about it.

“Guillermo! I finished! I’m heading to the store right away tonight to get the greatest sneakers in town when I finish my school work. Actually, I’ll pick you up and you’re welcome to accompany me to the store.

It will be the greatest sensation ever! Guillermo was genuinely excited for his hero. At that point, the bus abruptly struck a pothole, causing one of Guillermo’s shoes to fall to the ground.

David was taken aback when he noticed the tarnished and discolored shoe. It was a couple of summer shoes, flimsy and of poor quality. The canvas was flaking off, the sole had holes, and the laces were vanished.

Guillermo threw down the other shoe out of embarrassment. David was sobbing gently but uncontrollably as he gazed at his friend while burying his face in his hands.

For the remainder of the ride, the two youngsters were at a loss for words. David finally told Guillermo, “Be ready for five!” referring to their plan to go to the store that evening.

David could not possibly go to the supermarket by himself. After what he had witnessed, no.

David, ah! Do you want to take up your new football shoes while you’re here? The shop owner stated, “I have them prepared and packed right here.

“Sir, hold on. David pointed to a pair of cozy boots and asked, “Could you get me a couple of these sneakers in a lower size?”

Mr. Manning, the shop owner, is perplexed. But David, the pair I packed are the perfect right size. David retorted, “Not just for me, for my pal here.

What Guillermo had heard  was so unbelievable. David couldn’t be allowed to do that, therefore he couldn’t. David, I don’t need that, no.

To calm Guillermo down, David softly blinked while squeezing his hand. “Guillermo, I’ll handle it. You always refer to me as your idol. I’ll do my best to be one for you.

When Mr. Manning overheard this conversation between the boys, he was moved. He was fully aware of his obligations. Wow, my friend, you look amazing in this.

And this is the finest we currently have in the shop. Finally, David was happy with the boots he had purchased for his buddy.

Guillermo’s initial sense of humiliation had now given way to awe, thanks, and unbridled excitement at this unexpected gift.

Mr. Manning gave his staff the go-ahead as the boys exited the store and rode off on their bikes. “Look, we’ve got to do something right away.” “David! Someone is waiting for you at the door!

He actually entered with a truck. Even David’s mother was baffled by what was happening. David hurried to the door and recognized someone there. The proprietor of the shoe shop, Mr. Manning, was there.

The boy questioned, “Why did you arrive here? “David, I overheard you chatting with your buddy at the store. I am aware of what you did, the man said.

“I saw you peddling lemonade and delivering newspapers, so I know how badly you desired those spurred shoes.

And today I witnessed you renounce all of those goals in favor of helping a buddy who needed assistance more than you did.

Out of the nook of his eye, David noticed his mom’s proud expression and bent his head in bashful. In today’s day and age, I believe charity and friendship of that caliber should be honored.

So forward! Take as many pairs of boots as you like and climb into the back of the truck. For your mother, your sisters, and you… Don’t stress about the money; I have everything covered.

David questioned himself and looked to his mother for affirmation. He ran to the truck as soon as she gave him the go-ahead, his eyes shining with anticipation.

We still need to go to your friend’s place, so hurry up. Free shoes are available for him and his household as well!