How was the fate of the boy from the famous photo and how he looks now


More than six years have passed since Anya Loven, who went to Nigeria, met a baby on the street who was unsuccessfully wandering around the city in search of food and water.

The woman took the boy under her care, surrounded him with care and love that he may have never known before.

The story was made public only in 2016. That famous photograph, in which she drinks from a bottle of this exhausted little man, instantly scattered all over the world.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that millions of citizens from all over the world are concerned about the fate of the boy, they want to know how his future life turned out, where he is and how he feels. We suggest you find out about it.

How was it?

According to the official version, his parents simply abandoned him on the street, where he lived alone for a year. You won’t believe the reason that made them do this. It’s not about poverty or a rare disease, no! They had a more “weighty reason” for that.

The boy was considered a sorcerer! Don’t be surprised, Nigerians are extremely superstitious people. In their opinion, an evil spirit lived in him, which would bring grief and misfortune to the family. Recall that it was 2016.

Doctors from the charity missy were able to bring him back from the dead. He was actually near death and completely exhausted. The struggle for his life continued for several weeks, followed by months of rehabilitation.

After the boy got stronger and his health was no longer in danger, he was placed in a shelter, which was opened back in 2012 with the direct participation of Loven herself.

He was given the name “Hope”, which means “Hope” in English.

A year later, he changed significantly and was practically no different from other children.

He gained several kilograms of his own weight, his eyes became alive and a light appeared in them. Thus began his new life stage.

Professionals working in the orphanage are closely watching him. They note that, despite the terrible story that happened to him, he has now fully recovered and does not even remember his past on the street.

Hope calls Anya mom, since he has no one closer to her. He does not blame his parents, although they have never visited him.

He, like everyone else, goes to school, walks on the street and plays football with other boys. He has a good academic record and a penchant for creativity.

Loven periodically posts photos with Hope on his social networks, so all interested parties can follow his fate.

What is with the boy now and how does he live?

Hope is already 10 years old and, looking at him, you will never recognize the little one as the world remembered him.

Thanks to Anya and people like her, he does not need anything and does not feel unnecessary.

His life has gained meaning.

The boy said that when he grows up, he would like to engage in charitable activities to help people who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Let’s hope that nothing will prevent him from fulfilling his dream, and he will not turn away from his chosen path.