How are the children of actor Gérard Depardieu


Well-known actor Gerard Depardieu is already seventy years old. He starred in more than two hundred films, both in comedies and in world cinema. He had many roles regardless of genre.

He feels good playing any character. One of its most famous characters is Obelix. The actor is married and has two children. Later it turned out that he had twenty children from various relationships.

However, this article is only about four. His eldest son has also acted in many films. He appeared with his father in the series “The Count of Monte Cristo” and in the movie “Les Miserables”. Unfortunately, he died of pneumonia at a young age.

Her daughter is also very talented and has acted in various films. Despite her talent, many say it’s because of her father, which angers the girl.

The actress is convinced that she earned her success on her own. The actor divorced his first wife because of another woman whose daughter was also an actress.

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