His father gave his son whiskey for every birthday, but forbade him to drink it, and it wasn’t until 28 years later, when he bought a house, that the boy realized why


Pete, the 28-year-old resident of Taunton, England, gifted his kid a bottle of Macallan 18-year-old single malt for his 1st birthday in 1992.

Father provided his son a whiskey bottle every year for as far as he could recall, but he was not permitted to open it.

Pete as well as Matthew Robson. It used to be a gift I’d get for my birthday each year.

I didn’t open them at all despite the fact that it felt a bit unusual to me.

Matthew claims, “I did it.” He has collected 28 of these bottles throughout the years, spending around $5,000 total.

It’s an annual tradition that his father started (500,000 rubles).

Today, this collection is said to be worth 40.000 pounds (almost 4 million rubles)

We are talking about the ultimate collection here, says a broker who specializes in rare whiskies.

He adds that the price of Macallan whisky has climbed dramatically over the previous 10 years, saying that no one has seen a collection like this in a very long time.

Matthew decided to dispose of this collections in order to buy his own house before he ever tried the whiskey.