Here’s the most patient pet owner walking the streets of Tokyo with his beloved tortoise


Animals are the sweetest creatures in the world, which fill our lives with unforgettable moments and bright colors.

Thanks to their infinite love, they make us forget about all our problems.

Due to their kind and bright eyes, they never let us to be sad calming the storms of our souls.

We, in turn, should do our best for them, because they definitely deserve it.

I think all animal lovers will also agree that animals are God’s gift to us humans.

The heroes of our story is an African tortoise that immediately attracts the attention of everyone who sees it.

If you happen to be walking the streets of Tokyo, one day you might have a chance to meet this wonderful man who often walks with his African tortoise.

They are actually a very sweet and cute duo who just enjoy each other’s company.

The tortoise also feels very happy because his beloved owner is ready to answer all his needs. What else is needed to be happy?

He may even be the luckiest tortoise living with man.

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