Heartbroken doggie needs a forever home after being found riding a bus all by herself


The 620 First Buses in Yorkshire last week scooped up a lone passenger.

When an orphaned Staffie-mix boarded the bus in Bierely and seated by himself, all were devastated.

She didn’t move from her position; instead, she looked about, smelling the air as if looking for a person who wasn’t there.

Her fellow commuters took good care of her until the vehicle reached at its location and staff could assist the abandoned little vagabond get off the bus.

She was then sent to Cliffe, where she was given the nickname Olive and provided care whilst awaiting the arrival of her master.

As the days passed without anyone offering to take her, she seemed to be entirely alone in the cosmos.

However, she was about to get lucky. Gemma, who had been on the bus with Olive, snapped a photo of the despondent canine and shared it on social media in an effort to track down her owner.

After being posted hundreds of times on Fb and managed to pick up by other news sites, her statement attracted a lot of attention.

People from all over the world sent their love and well thoughts to her in an effort to secure a happy ending for her.

It seems as though the happy conclusion is finally arrived. Even though her true owner hasn’t come forward, many people have contacted her and expressed a desire to welcome her into their houses and emotions.

Denise, the proprietor of Cliff , predicts that she will relocate into her new residence very shortly.

Her happy conclusion could also portend a new beginning for several more abandoned puppies.

There are numerous other canines looking for a permanent home right now, but she can only be adopted by one fam at a time.

Denise wishes that those who can’t adopt Olive may consider visiting one of its rehabilitation centers and fostering another doggie.

The days of her being alone are nearly gone, and we have no doubt that she will be content in her new permanent residence.