Grumpy, anti-social house kitten immediately falls in love with his little version


While some felines are receptive to other cats and happy to meet them, many of them struggle to get along with other felines. Garfield, Izzy’s cat, was the case in this regard.

Izzy gave Garfield a leash to wear during the day and let him run around the yard for entertainment.

When Garfield spent time outside, he frequently came into contact with other cats, and regardless of which cat it was, he would immediately attempt to start a fight.

However, when a kitten showed up in Izzy’s yard one day, Garfield had a completely different reaction. Besides the fact that he endured this new companion. He seemed to enjoy being around the kitten.

Izzy commented, “This little orange kitten would come over and just hang around him.” The kitten would play with Garfield whenever he went outside until it was time for him to return inside.

The kitten quickly became an integral part of Izzy’s day. Izzy stated, “I seem to be anticipating that the kitten will be coming over and then hanging around the porch every time I put Garfield out.”

Izzy began to notice that the kitten, whom she dubbed Buddy, was interested in coming inside one day.

Izzy continued, “You would seem to notice that Buddy was kind of curious about everything when he started coming inside the house.”

In addition, Buddy made the decision to adopt Izzy and Garfield forever. Garfield seemed to enjoy having a new friend to keep him company, and Buddy seemed very content in his new home.

Izzy stated, “He’s become a part of our family.”