Girl found an old picture in car, the owner was 200 kilometers away from her, and there’s a reason for that


While in her car, American resident Cathy Posten discovered an intriguing find: a vintage black-and-white photograph.

On the back of the photograph, which features a girl and her infant, are their first and last names, as well as the year that it was taken. The photograph is from 1942.

Because of a tornado that was wreaking havoc in the area at the beginning of December, Cathy decided that this picture ended up in the car.

Kentucky turned out to be the area that suffered the most. Posten learned from news reports that debris had been found far from the buildings.

The decision was made by the girl to determine who owned the picture. The girl posted on social media and asked readers to spread the word about her plan in order to carry out her strategy.

She wrote, “Please let me know if anyone knows or assumes who is depicted in the photo.” The post was shared by thousands of readers in a matter of hours.

Because there were so many messages, the girl was unable to read them all at once. But she did learn that the person’s last name is very common in Kentucky, as shown on the find’s back.

The location is about 200 miles away from where the discovery was made. “I had no idea it was that far away, but I certainly thought the owner was far away.

Cole Swatzell was eventually contacted and informed that the picture belonged to him. He claims that the photo shows the mother of his grandmother.