Get to know Pisco, the kitty with large eyes who resembles a real-life Puss in Boots


We are all familiar with and adore the cute, Spanish-speaking, boot-clad cat from Shrek 2, who walled his way into our hearts.

We all realize that the charming cat’s best weapon is not a sword but rather his eyes.

He is renowned for his cool demeanor and love of sword fights.

It’s difficult not to melt when the ginger cat makes his large, beseeching eyes visible.

You’d assume that those amazing eyes could only be found in cartoons, but we’ve found a cat that is a near-exact replica of Puss in Boots!

He shares the same ginger coat as our favorite animation cat and the same enormous eyes as Puss in Boots.

It seems like staring into a deep, dark well when you gaze into his eyes.

The fact that Pisco’s family had their very own Puss in Boots mimic did not come to their attention right away.

All kitties, after all, are usually delightfully wide-eyed when they are young.

Furthermore, his fur is significantly fluffier and is a somewhat different hue from Puss in Boots.

The fact that he had an alive twin didn’t abruptly hit his parents, so to speak, until later.

However, once you see it, there is no going back; hence, those large eyes are attracting a sizable internet following.

There are currently almost 600,000 followers on Pisco’s personal Instagram profile.

Like everyone else, we simply adore this cute kitty.

We are grateful to have been given such sweetness since just gazing into his eyes makes the whole day appear brighter.