Following a viral cuddle, a shelter doggie saves his closest mate hours before euthanasia


Two rescue canines named Kala and Keira, who were about to be put to death on Monday, demonstrated that saving someone’s life through love is the best course of action.

As a final ditch effort to rescue them from their plight and give them a permanent home, Angels Being Among Animal Shelter shared a picture of her cuddling Keira.

After being posted on Fb for two hours, the image was circulated thousands of times in a matter of minutes, helping the two dogs find a new home.

The cherry on top is that the resident of the area who turned up at the sanctuary chose to foster both of these cuties, enabling them to live together for the rest of their lives.

The caption on the image said, “If no one helps us, someone will take her away from me.”

How they are meeting their new pals for the very first time will just make you burst into tears.

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