Everyday clinic visitor kittie is “hired” by security and given a badge


Being persistent can pay off. As can a cute temperament and a bewhiskered small face.

Elwood has all of these traits, so it should come as no surprise that this small cat was able to obtain a terrific job by simply showing up to a local clinic and just doing his job.

Over the course of a year, the stunning cat who frequents a clinic in Richmond, has progressed from sporadic visitor to full-time employee.

Everybody agrees that Elwood is a nice but solemn little man who is very committed to keeping the clinic and that everyone inside of it safe and secure, even if no one is entirely sure where he comes from or why he has been drawn to the institution.

Elwood is always patrolling the hospital, watching what’s happening, and ensuring sure nothing seems strange.

He occasionally pauses for a few seconds to provide pats and cuddles, but his primary concern is keeping an eye out for anything strange happening in the hospital.

He has been granted his very own employee card, which is the same as that of his coworkers, as a result of his diligent work and exceptional commitment to building security.

This signifies that he has been “employed” by the hospital security detail.

He must be overjoyed that his diligent patrols and hard work have been noticed and that he is now an acknowledged member of the protection squad.

And we’re confident that both employees and patients feel much safer and more guarded with this cute kitten on the work.

The public has been extremely supportive of the patient’s choice to hire the little cat.