Dog melts 7 million hearts by hugging little brother after school


This story was about a dog and a boy hugging. It was a very warm and beautiful moment that everyone looks forward to when they return home.

This little boy has just come home from school. And it’s not just his mother waiting for him to come home. His faithful dog is also patiently waiting for him.

A video was shared on the internet where it was shown how the dog waits patiently for the boy to get off the school bus, crosses the yard and catches up to him. Sometimes she would wait too long for the boy, then run and reach out to hug the boy.

It was a very sweet gesture. The dog hugged him and wouldn’t let him go. It’s the sweetest and cutest sight to look forward to when you come home every day. It had become a normal daily greeting for them and the boy was not surprised by the dog’s behavior.

These two are so happy to be back together after such a long day.

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