Bruce Willis’ daughter wowed fans with photos of her and her dad


We present to you the daughter of Bruce Willis. The girl is already twenty-eight. The girl made her father’s followers happy by sharing a few photos with him on Instagram.

The pictures show how the father kisses the daughter. The famous actor wore a white t-shirt, gray sweatpants and sneakers, while the girl wore a white top, a black short-sleeved blouse and wide gray leggings.

The girl also wrote, “Drama club raised, life lessons & fingers crossed. This week I’m eating veggies”

The carousel features photos of her breakfast with cream cheese, selfies in the mirror, a photo of her dog Tim Burton, Jim Jarmusch and Martin Scorsese, and a photo of her with her dad.

The actor has two other children, one eight years old and the other ten years old, born to his second wife. Her eldest daughter is married and has just announced her pregnancy, she was expecting her first child.

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