Boy cries after realizing his dream pup is from his late dad who organized everything


Hudsonville, Michigan resident Logan Kavaluskis, 13, was the victim. Logan, like many other young people his age, wished he might one day acquire a pet.

Joe’s father, however, was unable to provide his son with the dog of his dreams because of his persistently poor allergies.

Joe battled myeloma cancer for nine challenging and trying years. Having reached the age of 47, he passed away in January 2020.

Joe came up with a very unique surprise for his adored son before he passed away, and he enlisted the aid of his wife Melanie and the rest of the fam to deliver it.

His cousin Jon can be seen turning around in their car in the video below and giving the youngster a cute Boston terrier pup.

He first believes they are simply delivering the pup to his new owner.

Later, Jon lets out the heartbreaking truth: Logan got this dog as a birthday present.

That wasn’t all, though. Jon informs him, “Your dad did that.” It’s “your dog” there.

Logan is surprised since he had no idea his father had planned this in advance of his passing.

Dad wished for you to get a pup. Watch as Logan meets his new best pal, Indy, in this amazing moment.