Before going to bed, pups wait to get nighttime kisses from their owner


Small pups may be just as challenging as human newborns at times, as puppy owners are well aware.

For instance, kids want to play instead than go to sleep.

Given that she is currently raising four Shih Tzu puppies at once, this has become a significant issue for Carilla Punzalan of the Philippines.

And the girl developed her own technique, the result of which is currently fast gathering views on the video!

The puppies are Karilla’s, and the elder sister claims that they are in a lot of danger.

Even though they are fatigued from the day, none of the four of them can go to bed at the same time.

Both a lullaby and turning out the light are ineffective. Karilla experimented with many approaches before discovering one that was both straightforward and efficient.

Before retiring to bed, each dog must receive a genuine heart-to-heart kiss.

And it’s best to repeat this. It truly works like magic; just have a look at the pups in the video who line up before receiving kisses and then rest calmly while just moving their paws!

On local social networks, the video spread like wildfire, and viewers were moved and thrilled.

And dog lovers who are competing with one another to write, among the owners of restless pups, are successful!

The dog is completely capable of understanding everything, you just need to kiss from the heart and not out of obligation.

Make a strong link between kissing and going to bed; avoid playing any other games become reflexive.