Appearing in between the hard-working nurse’s break, the sweet kitty made it the most memorable


Flati, who had trained as a nurse, is now practicing at a hospital in Egypt. He has quite a busy schedule, but he is so dedicated and hardworking that he just impresses everyone with his drive.

It is already clear that with such a schedule, the breaks are also very short and boring, but one little kitty managed to make one of his breaks as sweet as possible.

Once, Flatty was sitting with one of his colleagues outside the hospital when a kitten came up to him, climbed into his lap, curled up and immediately fell asleep.

It is clear that Flatty was simply shocked and most of all impressed by the little cat’s confidence, as because of the behaviour towards stray animals in Egypt, they are mostly wary of people.

This little kitten was clearly longing for love, and he probably felt that Flatty was the person he could turn to, and he certainly wasn’t wrong. He slept in Flatty’s arms like that for 25 minutes, after which he woke up and left.

“I work a lot, but that cat made it all seem like nothing,” Flatty said, adding that meeting him was the best moment of this year.

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