An Indian woman with a rather unusual appearance has always been in the center of attention in her country


Pooja Ganatrai is an Indian woman who has never lacked attention in her country. It came from early childhood and the girl always boasted about her unusual appearance.

When they saw her, almost everyone mistook the woman for a Caucasian girl, because she was very different from the locals.

The 24-year-old woman assures that both her parents are Indian, but she has light skin and eye color, as well as freckles and golden hair.

The woman says that she became the subject of rumors from a very early age. The point is that some people even consider her sick.

As she says, genes play quite an important role and she believes that her unique appearance was passed on to her from her ancestors.

It is called atavism, when genes are inactive for many years and suddenly appear in future generations.

Residents also call her a local celebrity when she starts speaking Hindi, and there are also many people who start treating her as a tourist, thinking she is a traveller.

Indians often like to ask to be photographed with non-locals from abroad and it’s no surprise that Pooja receives many such offers every day.

In that case she turns and tells them that she is one of them. The woman also said that she started thinking about taking a DNA test to learn more about her ancestry.