An abandoned bear cub was fostered by a Russian couple. They are still in a happy relationship 23 years later


Although quirky has long been a trait of Russians, might eccentric mean embracing a bear?

The reply may be “yes” after all, as Svetlana and Yuriy, a Russian family, rescued an infant bear 23 years ago, and they are still enjoying their “wild pet” very much.

Stepan was deserted by poachers at the age of three months, and they took him in as their own.

The little bear was cared for, and they prevented his demise.

Stepan, who is now 23 years old, genuinely enjoys his life with his fav people in the world.

He is now a part of the fam, and he engages in so many everyday activities that people do, like watching Television, sipping tea, planting, studying, and dining.

Due to the fact that this bear consumes 25 kg of fish, veggies, and eggs every day, I typed “eating” in big letters.

There is no doubt that bear living is expensive.

Isn’t it wonderful how this couple cares for a charming wild animal and makes him smile when others are eradicating this magnificent species?

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