Aged dog who was found curled up outside during Blizzard gets a real Christmas miracle


Emmy, a pit bull mix, was alone outside last week as the temperature dropped below freezing.

When her family left her alone in a blizzard in Ecorse, Michigan, the terrified senior dog had no choice but to curl up in a ball for warmth and pray that someone would find her.

Fortunately, rescuers came across Emmy just as a thin coating of snow was covering her fur. According to Lauren Boesen, a member of P.O.E.T.

Animal Rescue’s board, “She’d been outside for a day and a half in the freezing cold.” Lauren Boesen told The Dodo. It was about two degrees Fahrenheit outside, with winds of 30 mph.

Although Emmy is currently cared for by P.O.E.T.

Animal Rescue, her rescue was a team effort that involved a number of organizations working together to retrieve her from her snowy outdoor location and transport her to a veterinarian who could provide her with the necessary medical care.

The first organization to learn about Emmy put out a plea for assistance on social media, Friends of River Rouge Animal Shelter.

After seeing the post, the director of The PAWS Clinic, a nearby spay and neuter clinic, offered to transport the puppy to a veterinarian.

She brought Emmy to Pet Care Clinic Lincoln Park, where a team of veterinarians examined her thoroughly.

Boesen stated, “She was severely emaciated.” She was almost certainly not going to make it. Emmy was also underweight, flea-covered, and had pressure sores on both her knees and elbows.

Her age was estimated by the vet team to be between 8 and 9 years old. Boesen stated, “She was probably kept in a cage for a very long time.”

She has unquestionably had a bad past. They came to the conclusion that Emmy needed to go to an emergency vet clinic right away after getting a closer look at her. P.O.E.T.

Animal Rescue, her friends, stepped in at that point. Boesen stated, “Some of our board members gave up everything to pick her up at the vet and drive her to the emergency clinic.”

They claimed that she was just curled up in the back of the vehicle.

“Emmy was in the care of an emergency veterinary team just a few hours after she was initially rescued from a snowy street.

Since she was still freezing cold, their objective was to treat her wounds and raise her body temperature. The emergency vet team had fallen in love with Emmy in a matter of minutes.

Boesen stated, “They said that she just perked up and that she was the sweetest girl,” and “that she always greeted people who were coming in to care for her by wagging her tail.”

Boesen added, “They said that she was the sweetest girl.” Emmy’s temperature had stabilized by Saturday morning, and she was ready to move into a foster home.

Boesen was shocked to see how much the dog’s personality had changed in just 24 hours when she went to pick her up. Boesen stated, “She came out to the lobby with her tail wagging.”

After greeting us, she began to weep and begged others in the lobby to pet her. Before heading to her foster home, Boesen and Emmy stopped at P.O.E.T.

Animal Rescue, and she immediately settled in. Boesen stated, “When I took her to our shelter, one of the first things she did was climb onto the sofa.” I was surprised. “

Emmy was ready for a loving home, and Boesen knew that an experienced foster family was ready to welcome her into their home.

Emmy is already receiving the love she has always deserved, despite the fact that her foster home is only for a short time.

In matching holiday pajamas, the rescued puppy was cuddled up under a Christmas tree with her foster siblings two days after her rescue.

Emmy will be available for foster care once more in a few weeks, and Boesen is hoping that her new home will be the one she stays in for the rest of her life.

Boesen stated, “She’s just the most loving girl.” She ought to have everything.