After spending almost a year in a foster care black and white cat got a great idea to attract adopters’ attention


10-year-old Vali wanted to attract people’s attention in every way. When the black and white cat was brought to the CatClub in South Jersey, she insatly opened up and wanted to be around people all the time.

After a few days, she was placed in a foster family. But however, to everyone’s surprise, months passed, but she remained in foster care.

They hoped to find a forever home for the baby asap, because she is very calm and immediately becomes everyone’s favorite. Six months had already passed and despite many posts, no one had shown any interest in her.

However, Vali continued to live life to the fullest, being happy and satisfied with what she had. She loved hugging people most of all and was always ready to do so.

She immediately became friends with all the dogs and cats that were also in the foster home. In the end they decided to put her in an adoption center because maybe that would help more to attract attention.

So coming there, the cat seemed to get an idea. She suddenly stood up on her hind legs and began to flap her paws against the glass wall. In that way, she tried to make people notice her.

The sweet little girl is clearly more than ready to finally find her forever home and is doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

“She loves all people and deserves to find the most caring and loving family in the world, which is also ready to do the same for her”.

We are sure her dream family will soon come after our sweet Vali.

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