After spending 9 years in captivity, the sweet bear is finally free enjoying every minute of his life


The bear we are going to talk about is called Taffy. The thing is, he spent most of his life in a cage and never knew what freedom was.

After being released, he just didn’t stop jumping, which was more than understandable.

Taffy was so happy that he kept jumping in his new pool. The sweet bear now lives in Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary.

The farm he had been on did quite a bit of damage to his gallbladder. So eventually they had to remove it. In addition, he also had 3 broken teeth and cracked paws.

Fortunately, kind people came to save him and he is now enjoying his life to the fullest. He wildly jumps around the pool and enjoys every minute of his freedom,

When you’re forced to live in a cage for years without water, it’s like being dehydrated for a long time and then finding yourself in an oasis.

Unfortunately, there are more than 10,000 bears in bile farms in China that are cruelly exploited to serve the interests of humans.

Fortunately, Animal Asia has managed to save about 600 bears and is still continuing.

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