After making sure all her kittens were safe and sound the mother cat finally started enjoying her life as a kitten again


A sweet mother cat named Tails was left all alone when her owners abandoned her… She had to roam the streets and look for food for herself…being all alone.

A kind man, seeing the cat, made it his mission to save his life. Tails immediately accepted his help, as if he had been waiting for him. She moved the cat to BestFriends Felines so she could get a better chance at life.

When they went to the vet, they found out that the cat was pregnant and was due to give birth within the next few weeks.

To provide a more comfortable environment, Tails was placed in foster care, where he sfelt very calm and was so happy that she would soak up the sun’s rays for hours by the window.

A few days later, she gave birth to three babies, completely devoting herself to the care of her kittens. Day by day, the kittens were thriving taking new steps. They looked at their guardians with their big bright eyes all day, exploring everything around them.

Their mother followed their every step, protecting the kittens all the time. After a while, as they grew up a little more the mother cat began to give them more independence, spending more time with her adoptive parents.

Now she is already enjoying her freedom, playing like a kitten again. Two of her kittens have already found their furrever homes, and the third will soon be up for adoption too.

As for the mother cat, she just melts every heart she meets and now she is ready to find her own warm corner in this world.

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