After losing his own family, a 16-year-old cat is unable to stop appreciating his new humans for helping him feel loved once more


The only fam this senior cat had ever seen abandoned him when he was 16 years old, and he was brought to the Kitty Adventure Rescue League in Fort Worth, Texas.

The grieving cat never anticipated experiencing love once more and didn’t believe he would ever be able to move on from his great loss.

Little Orion would discover, nevertheless, that he still had a chance at joy and love.

The Kitty Adventures Protection Association is a senior home and rescue organization that offers permanent care for aged, handicapped, and special needs kittens.

The kitties receive all the care, medical attention, shelter, amenities, company, and love they require, and Orion couldn’t have found a more caring home.

Orion kept his distance from everyone at the cat shelter since he was dejected and nervous upon his arrival.

He hid for a week, missing his previous family and being suspicious of his surroundings.

However, after a week had gone, Orion started to understand that this odd new environment was now his house and that everyone just wanted to show him care, warmth, and compassion.

The moment Orion realized this, the tiny senior’s mood changed drastically.

He was incredibly appreciative to the kind folks who had taken him in when he was at his most needy and in need of love and assistance.

He started hugging every person and animal he saw, trying to convey to everyone how grateful he was to have been given this second opportunity in life.

Love Meow claims that his preferred method of showing his love is by banging his head against the subject of his adoration.

Orion now feels safe and secure and can anticipate living out his senior years in the utmost comfort.

He will always be glad for the fact that he is surrounded by those who love and care for him and will never have to worry or feel alone.