After being used as a bait dog the brave girl was finally rescued and adopted by the family of her dreams


Victor Larkhill, who is known for his compassion and kindness, takes great pleasure in helping animals.

We want to tell you a wonderful story about this dog who was given a second chance at life after her life was taken from her. It’s Betsy, whose previous owner only wanted one thing from her: to fight.

However, that was not what she had come to this world for. She was a very kind dog and fights were not for her. However, none of that mattered to her owner and she continued to use her as a bait dog.

Despite the severity of her injuries, she continued to torment the poor dog. It all went so deep that even the doctors were not sure if it would be possible to save her.

Her infection was their biggest concern. After all that severe suffering, she still wanted to live and fought for it. And for that she was grateful to her kong rescuers.

She was given the best care, so thanks to all their efforts, she began to flourish day by day. Probably, she realized that she is finally saved and it is possible to have a happy existence.

The brave girl managed to overcome everything and while she was receiving treatment, she gathered strength and started to show her sweet nature. She opened her heart to her rescuers as she knew she could trust them.

The brave dog just amazed everyone and her forgiveness touched many people. Then when a family found out about this dog, they liked her so much, that decided to go and adopt her.

They promised to give her a wonderful life, providing her with everything she needed. Now she is enjoying her life with her loving family, where she also has a wonderful siblings.

Everyone simply adores her, showering her with all the warmth she had always dreamed of.

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