After being rescued from a box on the street, the orange cat managed to find his “purrfect” place in record time


After being rescued, the kitty managed to finally find the “purrfect” place on the earth to call home…

One day, a kind man was walking with his dog when he suddenly noticed a box. He was just amazed when he approached it and find a cat inside waiting for smeone to help him.

The man immediately took him to the veterinary center, where he was given emergency care. The cat, who was named Elf, was still afraid of people at first, but at the same time he was very grateful to finally be rescued from the cold the streets.

“When we gave him food, he started eating as if he was starving. He was completely exhausted.”

During that time, while the cat was at the shelter, a Tricia learned about his condition and something in her heart seemed to prompt her to visit him.

“It’s true, I already have six cats, all rescued from the streets, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that cat,” Tricia said.

So she went to the vet the very next day.

“He has the cutest little face and I got even more convinced of my decision and I rushed to fill out the adoption form,” Tricia shared.

“On the same day, we arrived home together and he immediately warmed to me. He’s such a sweet cat.”

After all the hard days Elf had been through, he really deserved such a wonderful ending. It was just a perfect place, the house of the cat’s dreams…

We are very grateful to everyone who contributed to the realization of Elf’s dream.

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