Adam Lambert brought Cher to tears, by singing her “Believe”


Adam Lambert had become very famous and that was just the beginning. Lambert participated in the very popular reality series “American idol” and finished second in the eighth season.

His first successful and huge album was “For Your Entertainment”. His song “Whataya want from me” became a hit. After that song, people recognized him and his talent. People started liking his ideas, style and taste in music.

But his popularity grew even more after Queen’s six-concert tour. This was the revelation of a new legend. Positive opinions were spread about him.

Brian May, the original guitarist of Queen, was complimented and told that it was nice to hear his voice. He was even compared to Mercury when he was perfecting his skills. It was the best compliment for him.

His songs amazed and touched everyone, it was amazing how he can express all his emotions through a song.

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