A pup that had been dumped was discovered alone at the airport with a note from his owner explaining why she had to leave him behind


At McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, a security worker discovered Chewy, a 3-month-old Chihuahua.

He was left inside a toilet at the airport. It appears that Chewy’s owner was escaping an abusive situation.

Sadly, his owner was unable to accompany him on her flight, so she made the decision to leave him with a message in the hopes that someone kind would come across him.

The letter began: “Hello! Chewy here! My mistress couldn’t afford to pay for my travel since she was in a domestic abuse.

She genuinely didn’t want to leave me, but she has no choice.

When we were arguing, my ex-boyfriend punched my doggie, who now has a large lump on his head.

He most likely need a vet. I am madly in love with him. Please show him love and attention.

He had suffered a head injury and required emergency medical care.

The airport employees contacted Connor and Millie’s Doggie Rescue, a nearby non-profit organization with a foster-based program, to assist him.

Thankfully, the rescue organization took hmi in, and he was sent to an urgent care facility for pets.

Elderly and special needs animals are accepted by Connor and Millie’s Doggie Rescue (CMDR), which cares for them while trying to find them forever housing.

He soon made a complete recovery, and because so many people were moved by his tale, it didn’t take long for the rescue to locate him a permanent home.

Gilliam is concerned about the large number of other pet caregivers nowadays who are subjecting their creatures to horrific conditions and spousal violence.

She now tells his tale to emphasize that sufferers may seek sanctuary at CMDR and to help those who are being subjected to abuse.