A man bought a puppy at the market, but was surprised and realized he had been cheated when the “puppy” started eating watermelons and growling at night


This man who lives in the village has finally realized his dream. He bought his dream dog. This is a rare breed, whose representatives are distinguished by the ability to protect their owners’ property well.

The person who sold the dog assured that it belonged to a pure breed. However, when the new owner brought the animal home, he realized that something was wrong.


The animal preferred to eat watermelon and roared all night. The man wanted to give his wife and child a present. In the second month of staying with the new family, the dog started eating fruit, and after that it started climbing on its paws.

Then the owner began to pay more attention to very strange sounds. In the end he decided to go to the vet. The specialist immediately understood what the problem was. In fact, it turned out that instead of a dog, he was sold a bear.

He was handed over to the wildlife protection agency. He could not be released into the wild yet because he had grown up like a dog.

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