A kitty with a cleft nose has been given a second chance at life by receiving the best care possible


When Jacqueline Dremore heard about the little kitten, she knew she should do something.

He needed round-the-clock care, so Jacqueline wasted no time getting into her car and driving four hours to reach him. He was so small he could fit in Jacqueline’s palm.

Jacqueline, who is the founder of Friends for Life, has already saved many animals.

Her main mission is to create a network all over the world of rescuers to eliminate euthanasia of animals and find forever homes for them.

This time she was sure again that the kitten would overcome everything and live a happy life. He was very brave and wasn’t going to give up…

Bonsai seemed to be thriving at his rescuer’s house, but suddenly she had to be taken into intensive care.

He also had a dangerous case of pneumonia but happily over the next few days his breathing began to stabilize.

The kitten recovered his strength and being only 1 week old, he had already overcome several serious health problems.

His personality began to emerge day by day and as it turned out, he loved to hug people the most.

He too will soon go to a wonderful home and be a sweet companion for his future family.

He is incredibly loving and sees people as his helpers, not being afraid of them at all.

There is no doubt that this kitty has a great future ahead of him, and it’s all thanks to generous people like Jacqueline.

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