A creative man turned an old plane into a comfy home and lives in it: it’s adorably nice inside it


Once, an American designer named Bruce Campbell from Oregon transformed an old airplane into a comfortable gigantic house for himself.

The wonderful and unusual “building” can be found in the Hillsborough area, not far from Portland, in the woods.

He has built his dream, fully functional home like that for almost ten years. It is a massive vintage Olympic Airways 727 that measures 40 meters in length and 4 meters wide.

This strange hobbyist paid $100,000 for his airplane, and he even changed the floor, turning it into a flat, cool floor.

Bruce “chased” his dream to finally complete a project he had always wanted to work on. His huge, inviting house has everything he needs to live and work.

He even uses it as a place to work, where he comes up with a lot of new ideas. It’s fascinating that he was even able to precisely form a shower cabin, toilet, kitchen, and bedroom within it.

To create such a warm and inviting space for himself, the inventive man came up with the ideal solution. He decided to paint the entire aircraft blue, and he loves regularly cleaning his own space.

Bruce even registered his lovely home, which he bought from the US Federal Aviation Administration.