A blind dog and his companion, who had been cruelly separated from each other, finally found their way back to each other


A special connection was established between them instantly. We want to tell you the story of the most wonderful friends in the world.

They are always together from their first meeting. The point is that Dozer is sponsoring and guiding OJ because he is completely blind.

OJ lived with a kind woman and one day she decided to adopt a pitbull from the shelter. Since that day, such a friendship was born between these two that shocked the whole world.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the owner of the dogs lost everything he had: her house, her job so she had to wander the streets…

Along with all that, it was very difficult for her to take care of the two dogs, so she left them in the shelter with tears in her eyes.

SHe also asked the staff not to separate the animals, because they are extremely attached to each other and cannot live without each other’s help.

The staff of the shelter, listening to the woman’s request, gave the two dogs to a new family at once.

But very soon, one of the residents noticed a dog wandering along the country road. He reported that the dog was 100 miles from her home.

Taking him, the man took him to a shelter, because the dog he found on the street didn’t look like a stray animal, but the opposite. It was OJ.

The employees of the shelter managed to find out who is the owner of OJ with the help of a microchip and they immediately called that woman.

She told them that she did not want to take the dachshund home, preferring to leave it at the shelter. She only wanted to keep Dozer the pit bull with her.

But how could these two animals, which were so connected to each other, be separated in such a way?

The story about the two dogs quickly spread all over the world, and people were very worried about their fate. They wondered if they would ever meet again.

Finally, after several hours, the staff managed to convince the woman to return Dozer to the shelter.

Can you imagine how excited they were when they finally met after a long separation? It was just an incredible moment. They immediately jumped to hug and greet each other, wagging their tails incessantly.

Now the two inseparable friends are still in the shelter, and as mentioned, they will not be taken anywhere in the near future, but this does not mean that the duo’s story is over.

Very soon, the shelter volunteers will start looking for the perfect home for them, but this time they will require the owners to sign a document that prohibits the separation of the animals.

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