A 9 thousand years old city was found at a depth of 20 meters;And at its center is a well that leads even deeper


At a depth of 20 meters, an ancient city was discovered off the Levantine coast. Atlit-Yam is approximately 9,000 years old.

Additionally, an odd well can be found in the middle of the submerged community. Divers can go even further down the shaft.

The total area of the city is 40,000 square meters. There were a lot of big houses here, some of which had multiple floors.

Scientists concluded that the settlement had been abruptly abandoned after discovering warehouses stuffed with goods on the outskirts of Atlit Yam.

Most likely, we are discussing a massive and sudden tsunami. At least 30 meters of wave height occurred.

The city was submerged, and residents were forced to leave their homes,” Maria Pareschi, one of the discovery’s authors, explained.

However, the enormous stone circle and well piqued the interest of archaeologists the most. Each of its seven megaliths weighs approximately 600 kilograms.

You descend nearly 40 meters more on the descent: The well was probably used for rituals in the past. It looks odd underwater today at least.