11-year-old boy finds girl buried alive in sand dunes


This story is about eleven-year-old Connor Fitz-Gerald. The incident happened in California while the girl was playing outside with her friends. The boy was doing what most boys his age do, digging in the sand and seeing how far he could dig his hole.

It was then that he suddenly made a terrifying discovery. The boy suddenly noticed that there was a girl in the hole, she was buried alive under the sand. He realized he couldn’t waste time and started digging at high speed.

The girl was five years old and seemed not to breathe. The boy tried CPR he had learned from watching TV. Fortunately, the girl woke up. It turns out that 5-year-old Alisa Bostic was playing on the beach when the sand cave she was standing under suddenly collapsed.

The young girl remained under the sand for several minutes, unable to move or breathe. Soon other people came and started to help the boy. Thanks to the quick movements and orientation of the boy, the life of the little girl was saved and now she felt good.

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