101 year old mother forced her son to stop the car to play some snowballs, her happiness is worth everything


Albina Fouazi, a woman from Lillooet, British Columbia, who had lived over a century, won the hearts of many by bringing out a child in her.

At the time, Albina Fouazi was 101 years old. One of the most sincere and sincere responses a centenarian could have given to the snow in her entire life. She was truly content, not just pleased.

The woman’s son, Armand, shared the video on Facebook. Albina is seen making a snowball while giggling and smirking in the video.

She threw the snowball as hard as she could after it was ready. Albina said it was a good time to play snowballs outside.

In the video, Armand stated: “Here is evidence that you can live 100 years if you find true happiness in the small things.”

According to Armand, it was raining in Lillooet when it all of a sudden snow, which is extremely unusual in their region. He and his mother then made the decision to check for approaching traffic.

Three kilometers outside of the town, Armand made the turn. However, as soon as they got back on the road, the door suddenly opened and Mom emerged.

“When you have a mother who is one hundred and one years old, it is nice to have a camera nearby so that you can record special moments as they occur.

Armand grinned. “This is one of them, right here.” In the comments, individuals state that they are unable to stop watching Albina’s film.