The “Coffee with Milk” pair is what they are known as: How this adorable couple’s kids look like today


You can’t dispute with the fact that this unique pair is a latte.

They are a shining and lovely testament to the truth that love knows no age, social mores, or preconceived notions.

However, it is highly intriguing to see how offspring from mixed-race couples are born.

After all, the baby’s appearance is hard to foretell. A mixed-race couple is Jamie and Nikki Perkins.

Perhaps twenty years ago, you could look at them and be amazed or surprised, but today, nobody seems to mind if the couples’ skin tones are different.

In Melbourne, Australia, the fam resides. Five years ago, they did get married.

Nikki has her own YouTube channel, works as a model, and has been the subject of several picture shoots.

She has more than a million followers on her Instagram page.

In addition to being a photographer and videographer, he posts on social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram.

They are raising two girls together. The two girls are mulattoes by birth.

Dark genes typically always take control.

A kid is more inclined to be born with dark eyes if, for instance, the mother has blue eyes and the father has brown eyes.

Straight, blonde or red hair and blue eyes are regarded as recessive features.