After having the “worst first date,” Jenna Bush Hager proposed to her future spouse, but he…
TV star Jenna Bush Hager and her husband, Henry Chase Hager, have been married for more than ten years despite his rejection of her marriage proposal.
The rescued kitty began to flourish and trust people when a shelter cat took him under his wing…
Born in the street, the kitten finally began to trust people when he met a resident cat. He immediately transformed to the sweetest kitty and did not stop
After being rescued, the 2 little kittens went to their foster home never stopping to hug each other
2 newborn kitties were spotted at the construction site. Since their mother was nowhere to be seen, they were taken to a veterinary clinic, where volunteers
An Indian woman with a rather unusual appearance has always been in the center of attention in her country
Pooja Ganatrai is an Indian woman who has never lacked attention in her country. It came from early childhood and the girl always boasted about her unusual appearance.
Thanks to the world-famous rock artist Bon Jovi, more than 300 homeless veterans got their own house
Probably we all know Bon Jovi’s wonderful and legendary songs.The popular rock singer and his producer managed to create a huge legacy of songs that
A creative engineer from USA turned his old airplane into a super comfortable and cozy place
Bruce Campbell, who is an American engineer, once decided to turn his old airplane into a big house. It is located in the woods of Hillsborough County
Woman and neighbour’s donkey, who instantly became best friends, ended up saving each other
After moving to Virginia, the first neighbor Shelby Han and her husband met was Jenny, Sweet donkey. She, as they later found out, belonged to their neighbor
The stray cat found his way to the shelter and started crying so loudly so that he could attract someone’s attention․․․
The poor cat was wandering around the shelter day and night, crying loudly to finally get someone’s attention. He dreamed of being rescued and finally
Little dog amazed everyone with his super adorable smile trying to attract the attention of adopters
We never cease to be amazed at how intelligent creatures dogs are. It seems that the animals in the shelter already know very well what different tricks
A kind German shepherd named Sarg has become an adoptive mother to many orphaned fawns
Dogs will always be the object of our admiration for their amazing ability to be so caring and loyal. Their hearts are so big that they are always open