As four small children were at a burning house, a courageous stranger became their “guardian angel,” rescuing them
In order to carry out a courageous and decisive action, fate occasionally directs us in the incorrect direction. He showed up at the appropriate time and
Three drowning kids were rescued by a pregnant woman. She is astonished that she has so much strength at that precise time
No boundaries can separate a mother’s love from her children. There are several accounts of mothers’ extraordinary physical fortitude in difficult circumstances.
Newborn baby saved by a husky after being dumped by the mom
Husky, a dog who resides in Birmingham, England, performed a deed so valiantly that the city’s residents are adamant about giving the animal a medal of valor.
How an 11-year-old kid was able to rescue a 2-year-old girl’s life makes him the hero of our time
Sixth-grader Ilmar is a boy. On the street, he was strolling alongside his companions. A large and deep ditch was excavated not far from the road, a location
Everyone was in awe of the brave 7-year-old boy’s quick reaction as he saved his dad’s life
The dad of this 7-year-old boy called Cameron was once found on the floor when he returned from school. It turned out that his father’
The heroic guy jumped from the bridge from a height of 7 meters to rescue the little girl
On the Assawoman Bay Bridge, US citizen Onatan Bauer was strolling beside his daughter, who is 13 years old. They saw the collision involving five vehicles.