The baby mimics her grandfather’s cane-wielding, hunched gait. He couldn’t believe it!
Everyone, but especially grandparents in general, finds awe and happiness in children and the life they bring into the world. They can laugh at anything
Happy and smiling toddler cracks up class while singing “Clap Your Hands”
Laughter can do wonders for your health and mood in this day and age when stress has become part of life. The pure laughter of a child is unparalleled.
101 year old mother forced her son to stop the car to play some snowballs, her happiness is worth everything
Albina Fouazi, a woman from Lillooet, British Columbia, who had lived over a century, won the hearts of many by bringing out a child in her.
Oor dear ladies and gentlemen, meet the world’s most Italian baby
If you or someone you know has had a baby, you know how quickly they can absorb language and information. However, this adorable infant from Italy did