After a heartbreaking tragedy the couple couldn’t hold back the tears, when they met their new dog
Ada and Miguel Rojas couldn’t have been more excited when they were met the puppy. It all happened after the tragedy that left their dog and they
When a picture of a nurse comforting a 5-year-old patient after surgery appeared on the Internet, it immediately went viral
It hasn’t been the easiest year for Slade Thomson, who was only 5 years old, as he was preparing for his second surgery. It was in 2019 when he was
The stray pups were seconds away from crossing the busy road, when the kind woman noticed them
Huddled on the sidewalk, the pups hoped that someone would finally see them and come over to help. Eventually the pups decided to cross the road and at
Appearing in between the hard-working nurse’s break, the sweet kitty made it the most memorable
Flati, who had trained as a nurse, is now practicing at a hospital in Egypt. He has quite a busy schedule, but he is so dedicated and hardworking that
After spending almost a year in a foster care black and white cat got a great idea to attract adopters’ attention
10-year-old Vali wanted to attract people’s attention in every way. When the black and white cat was brought to the CatClub in South Jersey, she
Woman and neighbour’s donkey, who instantly became best friends, ended up saving each other
After moving to Virginia, the first neighbor Shelby Han and her husband met was Jenny, Sweet donkey. She, as they later found out, belonged to their neighbor
After making sure all her kittens were safe and sound the mother cat finally started enjoying her life as a kitten again
A sweet mother cat named Tails was left all alone when her owners abandoned her… She had to roam the streets and look for food for herself…
After being rescued from a box on the street, the orange cat managed to find his “purrfect” place in record time
After being rescued, the kitty managed to finally find the “purrfect” place on the earth to call home… One day, a kind man was walking
After being adopted,pit bull Lady Shortcake just can’t stop smiling, melting the hearts of everyone who sees her
Agree that Lady Shortcake has the cutest smile ever. One of the reasons the 6-year-old pitbull had this smile was because he was adopted by a wonderful
A kind German shepherd named Sarg has become an adoptive mother to many orphaned fawns
Dogs will always be the object of our admiration for their amazing ability to be so caring and loyal. Their hearts are so big that they are always open